Indomie Café

Luvanex Builds Project Management Services has a team of experts that are dedicated to achieving our business partner’s goals with quality, efficiency and in a timely manner. The company has over the years established a vast portfolio of business relationships with top players in the real estate industry and support services to aid our business concerns. Indomie Café is a major business partner with Luvanex Builds. The relationship was established in February 2020 with a recently extended contract to give Luvanex the exclusive rights for their Project Management requirement for the next 3 years.

Nice Indomie cafe setting

Indomie café is a division of indomie brand under the management of Dufil (De United Foods Industries Limited) Prima Foods. A subsidiary of Tolaram Group (Kellogg’s & SALIM). The café emerged from a project concept to share the experience of ready to eat meals with secret recipes and delve into an untapped segment of Indomie's customer base in Nigeria. The aim is to give the indomie customers an experience second to none other in the widely selling noodles product. To achieve this, the company would require an establishment of fast food restaurants and quick delivery cafes in the commercial hubs of Nigeria, namely Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. The company approached Luvanex Builds and immediately entered into an exclusive Project Management Partnership agreement with us. The partnership was quickened based on the outline presented by Luvanex Builds to Indomie Café to secure outlets at desired locations within the 3 projected commercial hubs. Leveraging on our vast portfolio of clients with properties in specific locations that will aid the Indomie Café plan, we were able to deliver to the client’s taste and satisfaction.

Nice Indomie cafe setting

Luvanex Builds Project Management Team was able to streamline the project execution with the Indomie Café business model and ensure a faster turnaround time to deliver on established terms as stated in the project management agreement. Some of the key attributes to establishing a work frame for a peculiar project as an FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) retail outlet include:

  1. Target Market
  2. Accessibility
  3. Demographics
  4. Environmental Conditions
  5. Regulatory Policies
  6. Feasibility Study

Upon completion of the 1st Phase of our Project Management Partnership with Indomie Café, Luvanex Builds will move into Phase 2 that will take the business to other West African countries where Luavnex Builds has already established a presence and client network for support services.