In a bid to better serve our clients and foster a mutually beneficial long term relationship in the real estate industry, we established an exclusive property development partnership with PowerView Limited. Both firms converged to strategically align their corporate vision, mission and core values to emerge with an ultimate aim to meet the accommodation requirement of every middle/ working class African in a timely, professional and reliable manner. The aforementioned resulted in offering premium affordable luxury, semi-luxury and smart home options to Africans built by PowerView and exclusively marketed by Luvanex Builds. The successful launch of our housing development project was a result of extensive research, application of skills, expertise and technological insight. And the pricing/ sale process was thought through to ensure transparency and affordability in execution.

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Our partners, PowerView, was established in 2011 and have built a credible brand over the past 9 years with the utmost commitment to delivering tastefully finished, 1st class quality housing units that meet the standard criteria set by Luvanex Builds in light of our extensive market experience that covers U.S and African real estate industry. Luvanex Builds has in turn put their seal of cogency on properties developed by PowerView and marketed solely through us.

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The Estate development partnership long term plan is to build, sell and manage premium affordable properties across the industrial hubs in Nigeria and across Africa. As part of our interest, we also offer an opportunity for select building construction requests outside the Estate development structures in preferred locations for our potential clients.
The following are some of our partnership product offerings:

  1. Estate Development for Luxury, Semi- luxury and Smart Homes in strategic locations in Nigeria
  2. Planned development of property clusters based on specific number of client demands
  3. Exclusive building construction projects for individual & corporate clients
  4. Marketing and Sale of completed and off-plan properties
  5. Property Management and Investment for clients – Tenancy acquisition and financial, planning/ management.
  6. Facility Management services for purchased properties.